Watch All Kamen Riders Vs DaiShocker on YouTube!

I’ve been watching the Kamen Rider series since I was a kid, and some of the new riders can be very watchable – I remember watching Kamen Rider Faiz with much fondness.

The 2009 Kamen Rider was called Decade and could manipulate powers of the riders from the Heisei era. In summer, a feature length film was released with Kamen Rider Decade in the leading role but the entire Kamen Rider cast playing a significant role. Titled Kamen Rider Decade : All Riders Vs Dai-Shocker, I found the film very fun to watch. Initially, a battle is planned to see which rider is the strongest, but eventually this proves to be a ploy by the villain, and the riders unite to kick ass!

Recently, I found that the entire film can be see on YouTube with English subtitles – brilliant! Each part is about 10 minutes long and the quality is quite acceptable. Enjoy it before it is taken down!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6 – Kamen Rider W appears!

Part 7


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