Swans HiVi D1010MKII 08 is a major upgrade for me

My latest upgrade to my home PC, where I listen to most of my music, is the Swans HiVi D1010MKII 08 powered speakers. I am indeed very happy with my new acquisition as I managed to get them for a very reasonable price and I am now hearing details that my previous pair of Altec Lansing 221 multi-media speakers could not reproduce.

And now I finally have a reason to re-rip my CD collection to FLAC.


2 thoughts on “Swans HiVi D1010MKII 08 is a major upgrade for me

  1. Jealous. Congrats. These seem to be unobtainable in Canada without buying from across the border and risking the brokerage fee bogeyman. 😦

  2. A warning to those who have read this post and plan on getting these speakers. While I have absolutely no complaints about the sound quality of the speakers (especially given the price I got them for), they broken down within 3 months.

    Build quality on the outside is indeed solid but I can put my finger on what happened and the local distributor no longer manages the Swans / HiVi brand so I’m sort of screwed.

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