GIMP 2.8 released: single-window mode now available

GIMP 2.8 has finally been released after years of development and the biggest improvement for me is the single-window mode. This new feature is not enabled by default and users can choose between the old multi-window-docks-all-over-the-place mode and this new cleaner single-window mode.

GIMP 2.8 in single-window mode

I made the transition to GIMP 4 or 5 years ago. These days just everyone needs some form of image manipulation software. Photoshop is generally overkill  and is too expensive for casual users. I opted for the free and open-source GIMP and despite its UI not being the most intuitive, I’ve gotten used to it. The only major gripe I had was the multi-window mode where docks don’t get minimized even when the program itself has been minimized. It was a mess and really cluttered up my desktop.

This latest version addresses this issue. Thanks!

Download GIMP 2.8 here.

Ars Technica’s quick hands-on review of GIMP 2.8


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