Fiio F9 Pro

Last week, my ATH-IM70 broke. The two pin connector on the left ear piece broke. This gave me good reason to get another pair of IEMs for daily commute use!

I’ve read that the Fiio F9 Pro punch above their weight but Fiio headphones aren’t too easy to find. Luckily I did happen to find one shop in Wanchai computer centre that did stock them. And despite not being able to audition them, I purchased the earphones purely on the good reviews I read.

First off, these IEMS are comfy and I quickly forgot I had them on. They don’t penetrate deep into the ear canal and I was worried that isolation wouldn’t be great (esp. when using them in the underground). I was using the comply tips at first, but found that the spinfit tips work better – both in terms of fit, comfort and isolation.

Sound quality is excellent. At the moment, think it still needs more burn. Compared to the ATH-IM70, it seems more refined and less bassy (again, perhaps needs more burn in). The soundstage is good too.

The package is quite reasonable – one hard case, one soft pouch, a good variety of tips, 2 cables.

Overall, an enjoyable IEM.


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